Consolidates, synchronizes and translates .NET resources (*.resx, *.wxl). Supports export to Excel (*.xlsx) and automating translation.


  • Translates any Visual Studio resource files (*.resx) and Windows Installer XML toolkit localization files (*.wxl)
  • Export and Import to Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx) without having Excel installed
  • Analysis of missing translations
  • Automatic translation using a database to store existing translations and reuse these texts in several projects.
  • No installation of Visual Studio required, so usable by non-devolopers as well as developers
  • Portable application with simple user interface does not require an Installation
  • Integration with Team Foundation Server (TFS) NEW


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • SQL Server 2012 (for translation storage only)
This published version is a very new release. Your feedback on functionality, performance and everything else is very welcome.


  • Instant translation of resource files
  • Manage translation storage

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