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Best practices

How to get started with translation storage?

  1. Open RESX Manager
  2. Configure database to store translations (see Automatic translation of resource files)
  3. Open any existing solution containing good translations.
  4. Check culture mappings of resource files. Mappings are displayed after resource file name. In case a culture has not been detected correctly, right-click on the resource file and select the correct culture from the dropdown list.
  5. Store translations by Translations -> Store all translations
Repeat steps 3-5 for every solution that contains good texts.

How to translate new texts?

  1. Open the solution in RESX Manager.
  2. Check language mappings as above.
  3. Click Translate to find existing translations in order to reduce translations costs.
  4. Export missing entries to Excel, by clicking Export and checking Export missing entries only (see Export and Import of resource files to Excel).
  5. Translate the Excel file.
  6. Import the translated Excel file.
  7. Save changes to resource files (File -> Save resource files, or icon)
  8. Store new translations to database (Translations -> Store all translations to database)

Further Topics

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