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Import Does Not Add New Files to Source Control



I'm currently researching whether I can use resx manager to translate a solution with more than 150 resx files to 3 new languages.
I already adjusted your code locally in order not to generate Excel worksheets for each resx file. That failed, as the file names including namespaces are verbose in the solution I want to translate.
I tested the import by adding new colums with fake texts. The import worked and new resx files do exist in my soultion after that. Unfortunately I have to add each of the new files manually to source control after that. Is there a shortcut for that?

Thanks for your help.


luclucas wrote Jan 4, 2017 at 8:58 PM

Hi Stef,

I am very sorry for this late reply.

The method Save() in the class VSSolution should automatically add new files to TFS, if the corresponding project is under source control. If you are using a different source control system, it sould be easy to adapt the code.